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Are you interested in joining our GroOops Dyslexia Aware Emotional Wellbeing and  Counselling Network?

GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling understands the need for dyslexic people to receive appropriate, dyslexia aware, counselling or mentoring provided by someone who is qualified to deliver high quality clinical practice and really understands the presentations of dyslexia; how it can impact on the emotions and pervade every aspect of life.

Our network consists of members all of whom have been on our Fundamentals of Dyslexia Aware Mentoring training and are familiar with our multi-disciplinary way of working.


  • You will be a qualified counsellor or dyslexia professional.
  • You have experience of dyslexia or are dyslexic yourself.
  • You will have attended our Fundamentals course at least once.
  • You are committed to supporting the dyslexic community and maintaining the GroOops vision of an emotionally healthy dyslexia aware world.
  • You are committed to ongoing CPD in this area of specialism.
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  • A community of like-minded therapeutic practitioners.
  • First choice opportunity to attend our trainings.
  • Ongoing networking opportunities.
  • Peer supervision.
  • Membership of the only dyslexia specific counselling charity in the UK.


Membership of the Network is FREE.  We will advise you of specific CPD days (chargeable) throughout the year that focus on supervision, strategies and networking.  This is a sociable and interactive group. Where and when appropriate, suitably qualified and experienced members receive referrals from clients in their area of the UK via our GroOops administration.

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For further information and an application form please contact: