I feel happier with myself, confident in my ability to succeed in life. I feel relaxed and engaged in the sessions, understood, non judged.

ClientSales Assistant

Very enjoyable and has given me the tools to better understand the life of a dyslexic

Training ParticipantLife Coach

I have enjoyed rich self-awareness and awareness of others

Training ParticipantArtist

Excellent. A safe haven of calm to explore and share the emotional journey of dyslexia and all its varied nuances.

Training ParticipantDyslexia Co-ordinator

Superseded my expectations - I came away with a far deeper understanding of the cost of dyslexia, and an enhanced awareness of what needs to be thought about.

Training ParticipantPsychotherapist and Write

This was very inclusive and relates to a lot of other special learning needs.

Training ParticipantIntegrative Counsellor