What we do

We provide 1-1 counselling, coaching, groupwork, supervision and training addressing dyslexia related issues, either at our North London base; by Skype or by referral via our GroOops Dyslexia Aware Emotional Wellbeing and Counselling Network.

We can provide keynote speeches, lectures and workshops with other partnerships by arrangement.

By continuing to bring together like-minded individuals, we have built a creative community of inspirational practitioners and participants dedicated to developing a healthy, dyslexia aware world.  

GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling is committed to maintaining ethical standards at all times and works within the Ethical Framework provided by the National Counselling Society.

The results

Would recommend us
Felt listened to

Our work is all about boosting self esteem and confidence and to provide consistent, positive reinforcement by focussing on individual and social qualities.

Feelings, beliefs and behaviours are reflected upon and reframed and active choices are encouraged.

We build a sense of purpose and direction, a positive sense of control and an integrated sense of dyslexic awareness.

By increasing resilience, self control, self understanding and self discipline the world becomes an easier place to live in.

What our clients say about us

We have worked with over 1000 clients.

Reported increased resilience.
Considered GroOops easier to work with than other forms of support.
Felt their confidence had improved.

"I have found the structure of the organisation to be exemplary, the outcomes of their work excellent and the level of good practice enviable."


"An eye-opening and motivating session that I'm looking forward to implementing and developing throughout our service".

Creative facilitation participants

"Our participants have given extremely positive feedback ....It was gratifying to have so many comment "why isn't this available to all dyslexics?"

ADSHE Executive Committee

"Great service. Useful to have whole day training and modular training courses."

GroOops training day participant

"It's a positive, caring, nurturing environment which provides a strong supportive space".

WMC Dyslexia group work participants

"The sessions in two words were......"Helpful and Fun, Loving and Happy, Fun and Live, Honest and Trusting"

Groupwork participant

Would you like to know more?

Please download further information here which covers:-

  • What precisely is Dyslexia?
  • How it manifests itself and affects the dyslexic and others?
  • What are the emotional repercussions?
  • What does the dyslexic brain look like?
  • How does counselling help?
Download HERE.