This webinar will address the emotional challenges dyslexic people may be experiencing that have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. By the end of the webinar, you will understand:

    Why you may be feeling certain emotions, such as fear, isolation, vulnerability, anxiety, loneliness
    How Dyslexia might exacerbate these emotional states
    Simple strategies you can put in place to help you overcome these emotions

About Pennie:

Pennie Aston is a keynote speaker, counsellor, coach, trainer and supervisor specialising in addressing the emotional repercussions of Dyslexia. She is the creator of the Dyslexia Aware Counselling and Coaching Approach. She has dyslexia and has raised a dyslexic family.

Pennie’s aspiration is an emotionally healthy, dyslexia aware world where the focus of development educationally, psychologically and emotionally is on strengths rather than on deficits.