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The talk

Mad, bad and sad….or just Dyslexic?

This talk is about the constitutional nature of dyslexia and neuro-diversity in general and how it can impact on the emotions and thus, on every aspect of a person’s life.  We will discuss whether any particular approach better facilitates the development of self-knowledge, self-efficacy and resilience.

We will also question whether we need specific dyslexia aware knowledge as counsellors and if so, does it help for the counsellor to be dyslexic – or is empathy enough?

What will we cover?

The background

10% of the population are thought to be dyslexic with about 4% being severely so.  Many will be adults and, given that it is only in the last twenty years or so that dyslexia in adulthood has been widely recognised, a great number of this group will be ignorant of how dyslexia can impact on the emotions thinking it’s just about reading and writing.  They may have spent a lifetime feeling confused and frustrated by their seeming inability to achieve their potential, labelling themselves as mad, bad and sad amongst a raft of punitive emotions.

An assessment in adulthood can result in a ‘riptide’ of emotions regarding ‘what might have been’ had they known.  A person’s sense of identity can feel fragmented and lost and they may consider having counselling.  How aware should a therapist be of dyslexic traits and how might this impact on the therapeutic alliance?  Does it matter?

About Pennie Aston

Pennie Aston is the Director and Founder of GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling – a registered charity that focuses on developing resilience building therapeutic dyslexia aware approaches and promoting awareness generally of the emotional repercussions of dyslexia.

Others have no idea that dyslexia is anything more than something to do with reading and writing and are confused and disorientated by their seeming inability to cope with life generally and their emotional reactions specifically.

Course details

This event has now sold out!

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