Dyslexia Aware Counselling, Coaching, Training and Support.

Addressing the emotional repercussions of dyslexia.

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Our Mission

Working towards an emotionally healthy, dyslexia aware world.

Dyslexia can impact in ways much greater, and more far reaching, than the obvious ones.

In ways that can and do cause great psychological distress, anxiety, social alienation and unhappiness.

To address this we provide:

  • 1-1 counselling and coaching support to address the emotional repercussions of these issues, either face to face at our North London base, or by Skype.
  • Supervision and trainings for professionals working with dyslexia.
  • Keynote speeches and lectures.
  • The GroOops Dyslexia Aware Emotional Wellbeing and Counselling Network.
Who we are

Why does GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling exist?

Many organisations provide excellent practical support and coaching. However, few specialise in providing a space totally dedicated to hearing about and addressing the secondary and constitutional presentations of *Dyslexia.

Many counsellors simply list Dyslexia as one of many areas of expertise.  We focus purely on Dyslexia.

That is why GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling exists.  We are a charity that tackles the impact and all the complex emotional issues that Dyslexia may bring – not just for the dyslexic person but for their families, colleagues and peers too.

As far as we are aware, we are the only therapeutic charity in the U.K. that focuses exclusively on the emotional repercussions of Dyslexia.


*We use the term ‘Dyslexia’ because it is the most common of all Sp.L.D.s. What we do is largely applicable to all the other conditions known to be related such as Dyscalculia, A.D.H.D., A.D.D., Autism Level 1 (Asperger’s Syndrome), Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia.  Many of these conditions can overlap and often coexist.

GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling  is committed to maintaining ethical standards at all times and works within the Ethical Framework provided by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.

What we do

What we aim to achieve.


Safe Space

To enable you to:

  • Explore your unique sense of self.
  • Appreciate your strengths.
  • Reframe previous experiences.
  • Develop a integrated sense of dyslexic identity.
  • Experience a nurturing, accepting environment.
  • Develop self confidence, self esteem and self efficacy.


A place to belong:

  • A community where you are able to grow and develop self esteem and personal resilience.
  • Affiliated to and working in partnership with The Dyslexia Association of London.
  • GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling is an Organisational Member of The British Dyslexia Association.

Qualified therapists

To be heard:

  • Nurturing and guidance from our experienced, specifically trained therapists.
  • All of whom are dyslexic themselves or have extensive experience of dyslexia.

This has been an excellent experience for me and I must thank Pennie very much for her understanding, guidance and humour..... I would recommend this to all dyslexic people and will be sharing GroOops' details with the diversity team at work to help others.

ClientCivil Servant

Empowering and thought provoking experience – too powerful to put into words. Thank you so much for such an invaluable experience that has increased my awareness and opened out a whole new channel of thinking.

Training ParticipantSpecialist Teacher

I would recommend GroOops to anyone with dyslexia and anxiety / depression. I had had therapy before that hadn’t worked for me, but with GroOops I felt really supported, and like the sessions were collaborative between my therapist and I. It has made a world of difference

ClientResearch Fellow

It was an amazing experience to be with like-minded people to discuss the emotional impact on those with dyslexia. The course has been so much more than I expected.

Training ParticipantDyslexia and Literacy Tutor

Coming to GroOops has been enlightening and reassuring. I don't feel so alone with dyslexia and I feel I will be able to cope better in the future.


I have found our sessions extremely helpful and thought provoking. You seem to understand exactly my situation and how I’m feeling, where I am right now, and the journey I’m on with my family.

ClientEstate Agent